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Who has two thumbs and is awesome? Me! Haha! Okay, okay, that maybe wasn’t entirely fair. I mean, I know you all have two thumbs are are {pretty} awesome, too. But really, when did a thumbs up become so, last year? Facebook is bringing it back with the “like” button being a thumbs up, which is cool. But you don’t see many people making thumbs up in pictures anymore. Then again, if you do, you also typically see a bunch of haters hating on them with rudeness in the comments. Hmm.. something to think about.

Anyway, today, it’s cool to do a thumbs up since it’s Thumbs Up! Thursday. We love to give our awesome hosts two big thumbs up because they do a great job every night they’re out there. We also want to give all of our amazing trivia regulars (yes, you new people, too) a big thumbs up since we wouldn’t be here without you all coming out and having a great time with us!

Speaking of a great time, check us out tonight!

Duffy’s Waterford Lakes at 7 PM  — text the word “triviatips” to 69696

Duffy’s Altamonte Springs at 7 PM  — text the word “clues” to 69696

Duffy’s Lake Mary at 7 PM  — text the word “freehints” to 69696

Red Cypress Brewery at 7pm Disney! — text the word “redhints” to 69696

Mikki V’s in Oviedo at 7pm Disney!

Deviant Wolfe in Sanford at 7pm Disney!

Graffiti Junktion Lake Nona at 8 PM Disney! — text the word “tastytips” to 69696

Bingo lovers, we’ve got you covered Brass Tap Mills Park is bringing you a hip-shakin’, number callin’ good time! Make sure to check your bingo sheets. Don’t call a bad Bingo – you’ll get dirty looks. No one likes getting dirty looks.


Board Games


Movies by Netflix Description


Hair Bands


Body Parts



American Revolution

Snapchat:  @tastytrivia

Instagram: @tasty_trivia

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