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Last Thursday I was all about Austin Powers who is basically one big 60’s spy spoof. And now today, a week later, my brain is still stuck in the 60’s, eh maybe the 70’s, but now as a flower child. Peace and love, man! Hippies for life! I’m definitely feeling my inner Tommy Chong right now. Yup, Tommy Chong, the guy most famously known for his {—censored—} themed comedy duo of Cheech & Chong but also known as the character ‘Leo’ from That 70’s Show.

Is this weird? Have we gone to a weird spot? No? Yes? Hmmm… Well, no matter how old you are, or aren’t, I guess everything really does come back into style. You know what never goes out of style?? T-R-I-V-I-A! Woo! Especially Tasty Trivia. We da bomb. Wait, that’s a no no word. Peace & love, people, peace & love.


Duffy’s Waterford Lakes at 7 PM  — text the word “triviatips” to 69696

Duffy’s Altamonte Springs at 7 PM — text the word “clues” to 69696

Duffy’s Lake Mary at 7 PM  — text the word “freehints” to 69696

Red Cypress Brewery at 7pm  — text the word “redhints” to 69696

Mikki V’s in Oviedo at 7pm The Office Trivia!

Deviant Wolfe in Sanford at 7pm Star Wars Trivia!

Graffiti Junktion Lake Nona at 8 PM — text the word “tastytips” to 69696

Bingo lovers, we’ve got you covered Brass Tap Mills Park is bringing you a hip-shakin’, number callin’ good time! Make sure to check your bingo sheets. Don’t call a bad Bingo – you’ll get dirty looks. No one likes getting dirty looks.


Movies of 2018


Stand Up Funny Folks


Tunes of the Decades


National Monuments



Authors and Their Books

Snapchat:  @tastytrivia

Instagram: @tasty_trivia

Get those hints! 

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