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Tasty Trivia Summer Showdown League

Welcome to our first League showdown, starting June 4th. The rules are simple, but the competition will be intense. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up your team with the handy-dandy form on this very page!
  2. Learn you the rules and regulations (featured below)
  3. Plan to attend some sweet, sweet triv-triv
  4. Play your first League Night for FREE!
  5. Earn points and make the Leaderboard
  6. Qualify for the Summer Showdown Championship
  7. Earn cool prizes for being one of the Top Teams on the Leaderboard
  8. Win the Summer Showdown Championship

Rules and Regulations

  • Teams must play with the same team name on League Nights to earn points
  • League nights will be advertised at already-awesome Tasty Trivia venues
  • Monday through Thursday will feature multiple League night opportunities each night
  • Teams pay a $5 League Fee per night ($5 total, not per person). This Fee goes 100% to the Prize Pool
  • League Fee of $5 must be paid at the beginning of the trivia show, directly to the Tasty Trivia host
  • Nightly League Points may be offered in multipliers, such as Double Point night
  • Summer League Showdown Leaderboard will be featured on this very page, so bookmark it
  • Points will be awarded based on amount of teams in play (see below)
  • You are still eligible for ALL nightly prizes available at the venue, so even MORE stuff to win!
  • If you zero out after the bonus question, you’ll be ranked with other zeroed teams, based on previous totals
  • There is no team member limitation
  • You can sign up at any time during the Summer Showdown

Prize Pool Breakdown

After 8 weeks of League Play, the top 16 teams will be invited to the Summer Showdown Championship. Using the $5 League Fees completely, the prize pool will consist of a certain amount of dollars. Those dollars will be distributed as follows to the teams that place accordingly at the Championship event!

1st Place – 25% of the Prize Pool
2nd Place – 17.5% of the Prize Pool
3rd Place – 12.5% of the Prize Pool
4th Place – 10% of the Prize Pool
5th Place – 5% of the Prize Pool
6th – 10th Place – 3% of the Prize Pool (15%)
11th – 16th Place – 2.5% of the Prize Pool (15%)

League Points

Earning points is easy! In fact, you’ll earn points just for attending and paying your League Fee for the night. Boom! Now, that is the minimum amount of points, so you probably want to know how to earn more. Based on attendance (number of teams), you can score more points. For example, if you are competing against 8 teams that night, a victory is worth 8 points, second place would receive 7 points, third place would be 6 points, and so-on, down to 1 point for last place. If your trivia game has 15 teams competing to the finish, the winner would get 15 points! The amount of points available is based on the amount of teams that journey all the way to the bonus question, not just the starting amount. Teams do not have to be participating in the league aspect for you to get points for defeating them. In other words, no matter whether you’re the only league team at a league night or you’re up against several others, you’ll get points based on the total amount of teams that play, including people that randomly show up. Also, you’re still eligible for ALL the nightly prizes available at the venue.

Double Points nights will be offered at times throughout the Summer Showdown season! Check our Facebook and Blog for details!

Sign Up Your Team


Team NamePoints
Your TeamSo Many Points!
A Team Not in FirstLess Points
The Team in ThirdLesser Still
You Get the IdeaEven Less