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Love of the Game

We love trivia. You might love trivia too, you just don’t know yet. It’s too soon in the relationship.

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Hints. Shhh...

When you play with us, you deserve a little extra help. Why the hell not? You’re worth it!

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Creative Categories

Each Tasty Trivia show features awesome categories featuring pop culture, academics, and much more.

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Sweet Prizes!

Each and every night of Tasty Trivia, you can win amazing prizes, the likes of which you have never seen.

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Our Tasty Trivia Hosts

The key to having fun at a trivia event is knowing the secret formula for awesomeness. We know this secret. Others do not. Tasty Trivia = Keepers of the secret.

Craig Brooks

Craig Brooks aka Jewsus, Jewbacca, Jewtacus, Brooks, Original Midginal

Craig is probably the coolest person I’ve ever met… Read More


Pat aka PATMAN, Big Pop, Midget Me

Born & raised in what can only be referred to as the taint of America… Read More


Brian aka Hip Hop Henley, B-Ryan, There's No I in Bri...Wait A Minute

Bringing it with an energy all his own, he enjoys sporting events and hats. That is all.


Miguel aka Captain Apathy

This worldly gentleman is well rounded in his trivia game and brings it professional each and every night. Read More


Meaghan aka Kula, Megs

Kula brings the triv to Avenue and Brass Tap each week with like no other. Check her show out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Read More